What’s the Deal with Trep House Suppliers ?

New Majority founders need suppliers and vendors
who understand them - their vibe, their culture, their opportunities.
We bridge the gap


New Majority Friendly


Culturally in Sync


Vetted and Trusted

Our Vendors Excel at...


From strategy to social media and video, these suppliers get the vibe of the tribe

Web Development

Tell your story to get the biggest impact


Make it look good and make it look legit

And More

New Suppliers added all the time

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Trep House is designed for Millenial and Generation Z creators who come from underrepresented communities

Frequently asked questions

A virtual venture development platform for the New Majority

Trep House maintains a private platform where you can post your needs and our Vendors can give you proposals. We also maintain anonymous feedback from other members, which we can share with you. Of course, you should also check information and reviews that you find on the rest of the internet.

Most Trep House vendors are New Majority founders themselves, so they understand where you are coming from. All Trep House vendors sign a pledge to act in an anti-racist manner, and we collect feedback on each vendor from the Trep House members that use them.

We’re building our vendor network as fast as we can, but some vendors (attorneys licensed in a specific state, for example) can be harder to find. If you need a type of vendor who is not in the vendor database, let Trep House know and we can work our network to help you find the right person.

We collect and maintain more information on Vendors than we do on general members, so that we can help members make good decisions. Vendors also get specialized access to the database that allows you to see and respond to member requests for services, and that also takes additional management and resources.

On occasion, Trep House partners with other providers, co-working spaces and other organizations to offer specific programs, such as vendor showcases. In many cases, these will be open to members of the partner organization and/or the general public. Only Trep House members, however, get access to the full Vendor database and network.