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Black and other underrepresented younger people -- the people who are creating the culture, the products and the services of the 21st century and beyond.


Mentors Connect with experienced founders who can guide you on the way


Coaches Get targeted help building the skills you need most


Guided and self-serve tools that help you see clearly where you need to improve

Our plan for growth

360 Self-evaluation

As part of your registration, every Trep House member will complete a detailed evaluation of your business today and where you want to go. You’ll also have an opportunity to do a series of self-evaluations, which can help you evaluate your needs and get a better understanding of your strengths.

Growth Plan

If desired, you can request a Growth Plan session with a Trep House Growth Coach. During that session, you and your Growth Coach will review your self-evaluations and develop a plan for using Trep House resources to get to your goals.

Mentor/Coach matching

After your Growth Plan session, you have the opportunity to be matched with a Mentor and/or a business coach. Both Mentors and business coaches are drawn from Trep House membership, and we use a detailed intake form and interview process to find the right match for you. Mentors provide general insight, wisdom and encouragement, while a business coach will help you master specific skills. Mentors are at no cost to the Member, while business coaches may require an additional fee for their more intensive involvement.

Regular Check in

At your Growth Plan session, you’ll set a time to check in with your Growth Coach and review your progress. You might find that you’re ready for a next step, or that there’s a new resource that you don’t want to miss.

Are you interested?

Trep House is designed for Millenial and Generation Z creators who come from underrepresented communities

Frequently asked questions

A virtual venture development platform for the New Majority

No problem. While every incoming member is encouraged to complete the 360 review, you don’t have to do a Growth Plan or any of the following steps. We do encourage everyone to go through that process, however, because you may discover that there’s ways to expand your business that you didn’t realize were possible.

On occasion, Trep House partners with other providers, co-working spaces and other organizations to offer specific programs, such as growth advising. In many cases, these will be open to members of the partner organization and/or the general public. Only Trep House members, however, get access to the full collection of Growth resources.

Trep House members get connected to Mentors and Coaches through the Member Portal. Fill out the form -- be honest about what kind of help you think you need. You may also be asked to complete a self-evaluation survey that asks you about various aspects of your business. Trep House staff will use that information to match you to two or three candidates and introduce you to them. You can interview them and decide who you want to work with. When you select a Mentor and/or a Coach to work with, Trep House will prepare a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) so that everyone is clear on their responsibilities and options. In most cases, you will meet with your Mentor and/or coach via video call.

If you don’t know many successful business owners with backgrounds similar to you, or people in your personal life are not experienced with entrepreneurship, you may benefit from a Mentor’s encouragement and perspective. If you need intensive help developing specific skills, and you are at a point in your business where you can afford to concentrate on improving specific skills, then you may benefit from a Coach. Many New Majority Founders may benefit from having both a Mentor and coaches.

A Mentor is an experienced business owner who volunteers to guide and encourage New Majority founders. A mentor meets with the Founder at least once a month to provide a sounding board and general insight. A Coach is a specialist in a specific business skill, such as strategy, bookkeeping, social media, inventory management, etc. The Coach agrees to work with a Founder for a set period of time to help the Founder or the Founder’s team develop specific skills.

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A virtual venture development platform for the New Majority