Find the Right Way

finding the funds you need to grow your business can be confusing - and scary.
But it shouldn’t be. We’ll help


New Majority-focused options

We help you select the right way to raise capital for your business and your objectives - without giving up too much ownership or control.


Venture Capital Alternatives

Traditional venture capital does not usually work for New Majority founder because of bias and the types of businesses we start. But that is not the only way to grow.


Creative Capital Studio

A select few Founders are invited to join the Creative Capital Studio - a way to share success with like-minded Founders that goes way beyond the usual transactions.

Fundraising Opportunities

Trep House guides investment-ready members through the strategy and decisions necessary to grow. Trep House provides a much wider range of fundraising options than most entrepreneurship programs, including

  • Business credit development
  • Rewards-based crowdfunding
  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Private loans and percent-of-revenue agreements
  • Venture Fund Investment
  • Creative Capital Studio investment

Frequently asked questions

A virtual venture development platform for the New Majority

The self-evaluation, coaching and mentoring that you received in Growth will help all of us evaluate your options. If you do decide to explore a specific funding route, we will connect you to someone who is an expert in that kind of fundraising to help you.

No problem. While every incoming member is encouraged to complete the 360 review, you don’t have to do any fundraising. We do encourage everyone to at least learn about the options, however, because you may discover that there’s ways to expand your business that you didn’t realize were possible.

On occasion, Trep House partners with other providers, co-working spaces and other organizations to offer specific programs. In many cases, these will be open to members of the partner organization and/or the general public. Only Trep House members, however, get access to the full collection of Investment resources.

Trep House evaluates a company’s funding readiness and helps the Founders select the right options. Depending on the vehicle, Trep House will either directly participate in the raise or connect the Founders to a trusted advisor or platform.

Fund raising is not a one size fits all. The right kind of fund raising strategy depends on many different factors, including the type and age of the business, the owners’ objectives, the planned use of the funds, credit worthiness and more.

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Trep House is designed for Millennial and Generation Z creators who come from underrepresented communities