Trep House Community

Founders succeed when they’re not alone. Trep House gives you opportunities to connect and build relationships with people who understand your hustle - in your community, and across the globe.

  • 24/7 private platform for sharing and connecting
  • Online and in-person events that build relationships
  • Real discussions and deep conversations

How Do we Connect?

Informal meetups

Online and in-person events to help you find and share with New Majority Founders

Peer Conversations

Safe spaces to have real talk on tough topics

Deep Digs

In-depth discussions with experienced minority entrepreneurs about dealing with challenges and finding opportunities

Private Online Social Network

A place for serious New Majority founders to share successes, get advice, and find the good ideas you haven’t thought of

Are you interested?

Trep House is designed for Millenial and Generation Z creators who come from Black and other underrepresented communities.

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A virtual venture development platform for the New Majority

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