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Trep House functions as a social startup studio and comprehensive venture support network, using both online and in-person strategies to accelerate the growth of businesses based on their New Majority creators’ existing talents and assets. Online strategies allow early adopters in large and small communities to learn from peers, overcome their isolation and even find clients and services within the broader Trep House community.

As Trep House locations grow, they establish innovation-focused hubs and increase their ability to leverage local and non-local investment through real estate, crowdfunding and curated investor opportunities.

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Why us?

Trep House is designed for Millenial and Generation Z creators who come from underrepresented communities. As part of the largest and most diverse generation in history, you learn in ways that your elders couldn’t imagine. We design our experiences to fit you.

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Some of the Business Skills we teach

Marketing Planning & Execution

Every business needs to tell the world about its products, but doing that effectively isn’t easy - especially when so many others are doing the same thing. We work on defining and testing value propositions, creating the core elements that underlie good marketing in any medium, and using traditional and internet resources to get the message out.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Thinking like an entrepreneur doesn’t come naturally, but it can be learned. By exploring examples of entrepreneurial problem-solving, we learn to see business opportunities in a new light - and build the skills together that we need to make them happen.

Budget and Business Finance Management

Few people get into business to do math, but developing confidence in your ability to understand your finances and make business decisions lays the foundation for your business to grow and thrive. We take away the mystery around financial reports and financial decisions, help you make sense of your business’s economic pain points, and give you the skills you need to work with your bookkeeper and accountant, instead of blindly trusting them.

Business Ethics and Etiquette

Standard business behavior can be very different from how you act at home or at school, but it’s vital to be true to yourself while navigating that world. We explore conventional business behavior and expectations through the lens of an authentic New Majority experience, practicing and modelling ways to walk the tightrope.

Emotional intelligence, managing people and collaboration - building

Most people don’t learn how to be a manager or a boss before they find themselves doing that work. Whether it’s your own employees or collaborators on a joint venture, working together takes a special set of skills. We focus on exploring how management and collaboration intersects with being a New Majority founder or leader, and we use real-life scenarios to learn how we can best build authentic business relationships that advance our objectives.

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Trep House is designed for Millenial and Generation Z creators who come from underrepresented communities

Frequently asked questions

A virtual venture development platform for the New Majority

Trep House partners with other providers, co-working spaces and other partners to offer specific programs. In many cases, these will be open to members of the partner organization and/or the general public. Only Trep House members, however, get access to the full available collection of on-demand and video content.

Trep House is increasing the amount of on-demand and in-person content we offer as fast as we can. If you need a certain kind of information, we may be able to find it and help you get access to it faster. Just let us know.

Most Trep House content is offered in a private, on-demand format, so you’re not likely to have to speak. However, most business owners do need to learn to speak in public, and they have to do it at least once in a while. Trep House Knowledge programs are designed to make it easy for you to stretch your wings - because you’re with people who understand and support you.

No. When you join Trep House, you will have an opportunity to do a self-assessment to help you see what you need to focus on. You can do Knowledge programs with us, read books, watch videos, whatever works for you. Most of our programs are open to any member, regardless of what classes you have taken before. If you have questions about whether a Knowledge Program will benefit you, just ask!

Even if you haven’t been in a conventional classroom, you’ve been learning! Some of our Knowledge programs are online, on demand, go-at-your-own-pace, while others have lots of in-person discussion. We recommend that you think about how you best enjoy learning about things, and pick Knowledge programs that fit your style.

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A virtual venture development platform for the New Majority