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Helping your organization Trep House can also help your organization, entrepreneurship program
or economic development agency provide more valuable services to your New Majority founders
and other entrepreneurs.

A few of these services are listed below -

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Business & Corporate Training

Trep House’s New Majority-focused business and leadership training helps large and small companies meet their employees’ demand for skills growth - the kind of skills growth that leads them to feel supported by their company. From operations to tech to leadership skills, employees increase crucial skills and feel seen and understood at the same time.


Ecosystem Consulting

Many entrepreneurship and startup ecosystems struggle to create authentic welcoming environments for their New Majority founders. That not only perpetuates historic funding inequities, but it limits everyone’s ability to find ground-breaking high-value solutions. Trep House’s ecosystem consulting helps leaders see through new eyes and unlock the true potential of their community.


Creative Capital Studio

A select number of Trep House member businesses are invited to join the Trep House Creative Capital Studio, an intensive collaboration that enables members to work together for mutual benefit in entirely new ways -- ways that increase long-term sustainability for everyone involved.


Good Hood Foundation

The Good Hood Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 corporation that supports the charitable and social impact of Trep House and its partners. Donations to the Foundation are fully tax deductible and are used to provide member and activity sponsorships to founders who could not otherwise afford to participate.

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Trep House is designed for Millenial and Generation Z creators who come from underrepresented communities