Because they are in the groups that are becoming the majority of the population in the US within the next 20 years, we call these founders the New Majority.

Trep House is specifically designed to adapt the best accelerator, incubator and related programs to specifically meet the needs of these New Majority creators

How Does Trep House work?

Trep House functions as a social startup studio and comprehensive venture support network, using both online and in-person strategies to accelerate the growth of businesses based on their New Majority creators’ existing talents and assets. Online strategies allow early adopters in large and small communities to learn from peers, overcome their isolation and even find clients and services within the broader Trep House community.

As Trep House locations grow, they establish innovation-focused hubs and increase their ability to leverage local and non-local investment through real estate, crowdfunding and curated investor opportunities

The Trep House virtual hub includes the following
individual components:

Virtual innovation hub, offering courseware, group seminars, workshops and service provider network specifically designed to meet the needs of underrepresented creators.

A closed and vetted online community space for meeting and collaborating with members of the Trep House network.

A marketplace for exchanging services and products among Trep House‘s enterprise members.

Marketing and logistics support for crowdfunding and other nontraditional forms of investment-gathering and alternative forms of “capital” infusions

In-house capital raises & impact-focused venture fund

A Creative Capital Venture Studio for founders who are ready to collaborate and impact in the transformative ways that the New Majority needs.

virtual club

Why us?

Trep House is designed for Millenial and Generation Z creators who come from underrepresented communities. As part of the largest and most diverse generations in US history, this population typically has a high level of skill with digital technology but also places the highest value on co-working and co-creation, as evidenced by the proliferation of co-working and other “third places.” Trep House’s target market includes technology and finance professionals, creative freelancers, forward-thinking and scale-motivated creatives and others who have ambition, motivation and vision, but lack

  • Personal network
  • Exposure to entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial skills
  • The personal, professional and resource support systems to grow promising ideas to their potential

Research indicates that these legacies of structural exclusion cannot be overcome simply by money, training or willpower. Capitalizing on the opportunities that these founders have the unique potential to reach requires an intentional system of growth and support. Fostering the economic growth and innovation that these founders can uniquely create requires that we create network and support systems comparable to those that benefit starters from more privileged backgrounds.


Trep House changes the game


Increase the number of minority-led businesses that become significant employers and skill builders in under-resourced communities


Create new businesses that support founders, create new wealth, employ others and demonstrate a new generation of minority-led innovation and entrepreneurship


Increase the number of minority-led businesses that become significant employers and skill builders in under-resourced communities


Change the national and international conversation about entrepreneurship and innovation from being a game for the wealthy, to being a transformative opportunity for people from all walks of life

Our mission

Trep House enables New Majority founders to grow into their full potential, unimpeded by historical disadvantages and transforming the economies, employment, and culture of their communities into one that gives all people full opportunities.


our vision

We envision an international network of New Majority-led businesses that transform how businesses are expected to operate, activating the full value and potential of each human and using economic success to build equity, social justice, diverse wealth creation and eliminate severe poverty.

Our team

A virtual venture development platform for the New Majority

Della Rucker

COO - Trep House

Della Rucker is the COO of Trep House, a virtual superhub for New Majority business owners, and co-founder of Econogy, a groundbreaking company that accelerates innovation in businesses, organizations and communities.

Kémo A’akhutera

CEO - Trep House

Kemosiri A’akhutera is a serial entrepreneur and Afro-futurist who focuses on using business strategies to advance Black excellence, Black equity and community development. Kemo’s entrepreneurial experience spans financial management, real estate, business development and more. He is the founder of BizCred, a credit consulting program for small business owners, and Design 2 Build, a cargotecture […]

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