Do you run a membership organization, a business group, a coaching practice?

Do you provide an ongoing value to members or students or clients?

Do you have lots of followers who expect to get value from you?

And, sometimes, do you struggle to do that?

Do you run out of ideas?

Do you hit the wall?

Do they lose interest, and stop buying what you’re offering?

Creating valuable services for your members or client or followers isn’t easy, and it doesn’t get easier. But you can expand your value, offload some of the burden of creating and managing your value, and make your audience happy… while also getting paid for it!

Trep House Crews are groups of people who share an area of interest and a leader — business owners in a certain city, entrepreneurs who want to protect their mental health, people across the country who are working on the same issues or industry.

When a Crew joins Trep House, they get a unique set of benefits that help them grow together while also expanding their reach.

Every Crew gets:

  • A dedicated Discord channel. Discord is like Slack, but with free voice and video calling too!
  • The ability to host weekly events on the Trep House Stage, which is livestreamed and recorded for your audience and other Trep Housers everywhere.
  • Free access to all the other events put on by Trep House Crews and members everywhere.
  • Free or discounted access to all of the YOUversity learning experiences Trep House offers
  • One custom-designed course presented to your Crew
  • Promotion through Trep House channels to all other members & crews
  • The Trep House suite of business- and self-evaluation tools
  • The Trep House Vendor Connect platform, which helps you find New Majority customers and suppliers for anything you need
  • Trep House mentors and content-specific coaches,
  • Funding evaluation, training and support

Trep House manages site logistics, content moderation and channel management.

On top of that, Trep House gives you the opportunity to share your own expertise with potential customers nationwide by providing training, seminars and other benefits. The choices are all yours!

This might be the best part: as a Crew Leader, you can offer Trep House to your people for 30% off the usual cost to join Trep House. And… you get to decide whether your crew gets that discount, or it goes to support your work and organization!

To learn more about what your Crew might look like, fill out this brief form to help us get to know you. A member of Trep House’s leadership team will get back to you quickly.

Are you ready to grow with your Crew? It’s time to Trep!

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