Historically, most entrepreneurs learned how to start and run a business by watching their family members. But few of us have that opportunity anymore.

As entrepreneurship becomes more and more important to our communities, how can we set our young Kings and Queens up to succeed?

Trep House offers a growing collection of learning opportunities – in-person and online, classroom and real-world experience — all led by people who can relate to them. Check out the catalog of current options below, including

Trep House’s Y.O.University learning experiences range from the technical to the experiential, but we place our culture and our experience at the center of the work. Your students and member learn from people who look like them, who understand their needs and their priorities… and their potential.

There’s a learning opportunity in Y.O.University that’s right for your community, and we are adding new resources regularly.

Contact Trep House to talk about how we can help your community’s future entrepreneurs make their impact.

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