Finding opportunities to grow your business is much harder than it needs to be – especially if you’re a Black or minority business owner.  

Who can you trust?

Who understands you, your culture and your character?

Who has the right kinds of tools and products for you?

Where can you find the funding, the guidance and the information you need – without sacrificing yourself to someone else’s image of what you should be?

Trep House is specifically designed to give Black and minority founders, creators and small business owners the full range of support they need.  From the personal to the financial, knowledge to network, Trep House was designed to empower, connect and grow founders who have your appearance, character, strengths and needs.  

Trep House membership gives your access to a worldwide network. A network of people, ideas, information, support and help from people who understand you, your talent and your potential. That network includes: 

Trep House is a first-of-its-kind opportunity, and we’re growing fast, with new tools and resources coming online every week.  You can be on the ground floor of creating the New Majority ecosystem starting right now, for as little as $99/month.  Your membership pays for a New Majority team to manage the network and help you achieve your goals, and creates opportunities for young entrepreneurs and small business owners nationwide.

Succeeding as a small business owner is tough, and we all know that New Majority founders face even steeper challenges.  But we know how to overcome, and we can overcome together!  Join Trep House, and begin your journey to scale and success.