We use a lot of different software platforms to deliver what we promised you, and each one works a little different. But each one is designed for you and people like you.

Here are the different tools we use to create the Trep House experience. You can get started where ever you want, or check the Events calendar for our onboarding walk-throughs and office hours. All invitations are sent to the email address you used when you signed up.

The first thing you should do is create your Accelerate Profile and complete the Business Questionnaire. This is one of the most important ways we get to know you and your business, and help you start connecting to what you need. You’ll get the Accelerate link in an email from Trephouse.co, coming soon, and you’ll get the link to the Business Questionnaire shortly after. Be sure to whitelist trephouse.co to make sure you get important information.

To talk to other members, participate in events, get announcements and keep up with what’s going on in the community, we have a Discord channel. Discord is like Slack, but it also allows you to voice chat and video conference whenever you want to, You’ll get an invite in your email shortly, and you’ll want to check Discord on the daily so that you don’t miss out. Watch this video to learn more about how Discord works.

Accelerate, the platform you used to make your profile and do the Business Questionnaire, also has a ton of resources for you. Go to Trephouse.acceleratorapp.com to see the Events Calendar, request to be matched with a Mentor, find resources and keep track of tasks that will help you grow.

Our YOUniversity of practical business training is available in two ways. Live classes are announced on Discord and AcceleratorApp, and details on how to participate in a class are provided after you sign up. Self-serve classes are coming soon

Other services that are coming soon: When you need to buy goods or services, check out the Vendor Connection, hosted by One Source Direct, for a confidential way to request bids and check out suppliers. If you sell a good or service that you’d like to offer to other Trep House members, and you’re ready to upgrade to a Vendor membership, contact Community Connecting to get set up.

When you’re ready to look at options for raising investment, you’ll want to go to this page. You will find links to resources, training and coaching. But before you decide on a fundraising strategy, make sure you have completed your full Business Profile and scheduled an advisor session with Trep House funding specialists.

It’s a lot, we know it. But we’re out to give you everything you need along your business growth journey. Any time you’ve got questions, just hit us up. We got you.