Taking this course has helped me understand how to build better relationships and put my brand forward.  The class is amazing and so is the person that teaches it.  I am able to use what I’ve learned for my business each day. – Esther Sands, Fashion Designer
Does your marketing work?  Does the way you market your business actually generate the results you want?  How do you know?  Good questions.  Join Trep House for a groundbreaking growth opportunity that will give you the tools to make sure your marketing has the impact you want!   Register Here! Essentials of Marketing Planning, taught by 30-year professional Mark Cardwell, will walk you through 10 critical steps to creating marketing that lands on target and converts into sales.  This seminar series is fully hybrid — take it online, or in person at Genuine Work in Dayton! Same experience, same personal interaction, same transformative impact for your business Cost is $715 for 10 sessions, all materials and one-on-one coaching with Mark.  OR pay in three monthly installments of only $250 each.  Learn More Here! PLUS all registrants get a Free One Year Membership in Trep House (a $1,000 value)! Why just do your promotions and hope you might have success?  Learn more about Essentials of Marketing Planning hereAnd check out Mark’s introduction here:
Still not sure?  Check out these amazing testimonials.  But don’t wait – class starts March 26!
As a result of going through this course I was able to land a HUGE client!  I gladly encourage other small business owners to take this course. Take the time to invest in yourself and the process. The course pushed me to implement excellent theories and practices. So I say just do it! – Regina Alhassan, Philanthropy Expert I took this course to help me figure out my marketing and branding. It really helped provide me with a map and was the guidance I desperately needed.  If you are trying to get your business to the next level, you should take this course!– Cathleen Gillette, Artist
Trep House is presenting this seminar series in partnership with Genuine Work.  Fueled by a creative spirit and a desire to bring people together, Genuine Work is dedicated to providing a dynamic environment for learning, sharing, and inspiration, every day. With flexible membership options for both individuals and teams, Genuine Work has all the resources and support to help you do what you do. Learn more at Genuinework.co

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